Emergency Contact Info

​The safety and well-being of your pet(s) is our first concern. With your help, we will do our best to ensure your pet is as healthy as possible by screening for pre-existing health conditions and monitoring the comfort and wellness of your pet during his stay. In the event a medical concern or emergency occurs while your pet is in our care and custody, we will use our discretion to determine the best treatment option. Your emergency contacts are the individuals we will attempt to contact if an emergency arises and we are unable to reach you. Please list names of those who have your permission to make decisions about your pet’s medical care.

I understand and agree in the event of a medical concern or emergency, Petsburgh Pet Care at its sole discretion, has the authority to procure the immediate assessment, treatment, and ongoing care of a licensed veterinarian for my pet(s). I further agree that I am financially responsible for any medical advice and treatment that my pet(s) receives as the result of a medical concern while my pet is in the custody of Petsburgh Pet Care.