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We Treat Your Pets Like Family

Petsburgh Pet Care is a pet health care facility in Lafayette, IN. Serving the Greater Lafayette area, our AAHA Certified veterinarians provide a vast array of pet care services for dogs and cats. We are here to help pets of all ages, whether your furry family member is a puppy, kitten, or senior.

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Pets of All Ages Are Welcome to Petsburgh

Puppy & Kitten Care

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! When you adopt, one of the first things is to line up your veterinary care team. Puppy and kitten visits are a fantastic opportunity to get you and your pet started on the right foot.

The team at Petsburgh Pet Care is a fantastic resource on how to care for your pet and what signs to look for. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions; we have tips and tricks!

Senior Care

Just as our health changes as we age, our pet’s health also changes. You may need to adjust nutritional habits, exercise plans, and many aspects of your pet’s daily routine to ensure they age comfortably.

It can be challenging to distinguish between normal aging and underlying medical concerns. Regular wellness visits are essential for senior pets as they can help diagnose conditions early and manage them with the help of our team.

Veterinary Clinic

Wellness Exams

Routine wellness exams are an excellent opportunity for us to conduct a thorough physical examination, establish a relationship with your pet, and help us identify medical problems and issues that can affect your pet’s health.

A wellness examination is also your chance to have us address your questions or concerns about your pet. No question is too small or too silly, and it is our pleasure to address your concerns. We encourage you to be involved in decisions regarding your pet’s health care.


Whether from allergies, infections, or various parasites, skin problems are common in pets. The team at Petsburgh Pet Care will take care of any skin condition through special testing and treatments. We strive to keep your pet’s skin and coat in the best condition possible.

Nutritional Counseling

From the very first day you bring a new pet home through the final days of its life; nutrition plays a critical role in your pet’s overall health and well-being. It can be easy for a pet owner to become overwhelmed by the available selection of pet foods, all of which claim to have specific pet benefits. We can offer expert advice to help you better understand complicated choices.

Petsburgh Pet Care carries Science Diet and Royal Canin. Some foods do require a prescription to purchase them.


Vaccines help pets live longer, healthier lives. Our doctors and additional staff members are well-educated about veterinary vaccines, and our goal is to give you the best advice for keeping your pet healthy. No pet is the same, so we create individualized vaccine schedules to protect them from potentially harmful diseases.

Let us develop a vaccination schedule and ongoing booster routine that accounts for your pet’s lifestyle, overall health, the risk for exposure to infectious disease, and other factors. Call today.

Pain Management

From routine procedures (such as spays or dental cleanings) to more advanced medical treatments (such as bone surgeries or cancer treatments) to chronically painful conditions (such as arthritis or back pain), the team at Petsburgh Pet Care is dedicated to providing safe and effective pain management to every patient. We will help you recognize signs of pain in your pet so that we can modify their pain management plan when necessary.

Heartworm & Flea Prevention

There are endless benefits to purchasing prevention through a veterinarian to ensure that your pet is adequately protected. No medication is safe for all pets. Your veterinarian knows your pet and knows you. They will help you choose the proper prevention to keep your pet as safe as possible.


Most heartworm and flea preventions offer guarantees from the manufacturer when purchased through a veterinarian. If your pet has an adverse event like vomiting or other reactions, and the manufacturer is informed, they may help by providing a new dose or reimbursing you.

Some companies who sell flea prevention will even help by treating your house. A similar guarantee applies to heartworm prevention; if your pet is consistently taking prevention purchased through your veterinarian and they develop heartworm disease or have intestinal parasites, the manufacturer will help pay for treatment for your pet. This is a great guarantee, given the poor prognosis of heartworm disease and the high cost of treatment.

Rebates & Discounts

Many prevention kits have rebates and discounts when purchased with a licensed veterinarian. Please speak with our team today to learn more!

Animal Hospital


From routine surgical procedures, such as spaying and neutering, to more complex surgeries, such as cystotomies, and enucleations to some orthopedic surgery, the professionals at Petsburgh Pet Care look forward to the opportunity to care for your pet’s surgical needs. We utilize highly effective techniques and state-of-the-art technology and continuously learn about the newest discoveries in animal surgery.

Our focus is on patient safety, pain management, and employing the most current surgical practices. Our staff of compassionate, caring professionals will monitor your pet before, during, and after surgery to ensure your pet’s safe and complete recovery. Detailed discharge instructions are provided with every owner explaining the aftercare they should provide for their pet. Suture removal and recheck appointments are honored at no charge to the patient.

Overnight stays are offered at no charge to abdominal and orthopedic surgeries at doctors’ discretion. This ensures the patient gets a quiet night of strict cage rest and can begin healing before going home.

We are here for you every step of the way. Surgery can be a source of anxiety and stress for many pet owners, so we welcome your questions and do all we can to help your pet recover fully. Help is only a phone call away. Should any queries arise, our trained and skilled staff is here to help.


Your pet needs a reliable form of identification that can’t get lost, stolen, or damaged, like a collar. A microchip is a safe, simple form of identification that can significantly increase the chance that your pet will return safely if they get lost.
Here’s how it works:

  1. The microchip is inserted with a simple injection. Petsburgh Pet Care carries HomeAgain microchips specially designed not to move.
  2. Register your microchip on their website.
  3. The staff will scan your pet’s unique microchip if your pet is taken to an animal shelter or clinic.
  4. Staff will then call the appropriate registry with your pet’s ID code.
  5. You will be contacted and reunited with your dog or cat as soon as contact information is obtained!


Petsburgh Pet Care is proud to offer both rigid and flexible endoscopy services. Endoscopy allows for a non-invasive examination of many body cavities, including the gastrointestinal tract, bladder, ears, and respiratory tract. Using long, thin cameras, we can examine internal structures, obtain biopsies, and remove foreign objects without invasive surgery. Many animals can go home within a few hours of the procedure pain-free and without needing prolonged hospitalization.

Our veterinarians recommend an endoscopy if your pet:

  • Suffers from chronic vomiting, diarrhea, or weight loss.
  • Swallowed a foreign object.
  • Suffers from chronic sneezing or nose bleeds.
  • Struggles with chronic coughing.
  • Experiences small bladder stones.
  • Struggles with recurring ear infections.

Emergency Care

We understand that pets don’t always get sick on our schedule. Our team provides urgent care services to dogs and cats during business hours as our schedule allows.  For busier times or after-hours emergencies, please reach out to Purdue University Emergency Services.

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As a practice, one of our goals is to offer state-of-the-art medicine and diagnostic testing, so we are pleased to offer ultrasound services to provide a higher level of quality care to our patients. Ultrasonography is a non-invasive and painless way to diagnose and evaluate many common diseases.

Unlike other imaging studies, like x-rays, ultrasonography does not use radiation and instead uses high-frequency sound waves to create a picture of what is inside your pet’s body. There are many uses for ultrasound machines in our animal hospital, including, but not limited to:

  • Gathering imaging of abdominal organs, including the liver, spleen, gallbladder, and kidneys.
  • Monitoring pregnancy in breeding animals.
  • Assessing fetal health.
  • Detecting abnormalities in the motion of heart waves, blood flow, and heart muscle contractions.

Radiology (X-Ray)

A radiograph (sometimes called an x-ray) is a photograph that can look inside the body and reveal information that may not be discernible from the outside. Radiographs are an invaluable tool that can help us diagnose your pet correctly. Our radiology service is staffed by caring, skilled professionals who will provide state-of-the-art care with compassion and expertise.

Radiography can be used to evaluate almost any organ and diagnose conditions in the body, including, but not limited to:

  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Kidneys
  • Abdominal organs
  • Bladder stones
  • Broken bones
  • Chronic arthritis
  • Certain spinal cord disease
  • Tumors, depending on their size

Internal Medicine

Petsburgh Pet Care provides internal medical care to pets in the greater Lafayette area. If your pet is sick, sometimes we may not recognize or notice due to a pet’s subtleties in communication and that it is an internal problem. With ultrasonography, endoscopy, and radiography available, our team of veterinary professionals will help diagnose and create an individualized care plan for your pet. We provide a wide range of care and even hospitalization if needed. Contact us today to learn more information.


Does your best friend have bad breath, and you aren’t sure how to address it? Despite what many pet owners believe, “dog breath” is not just a nuisance – it’s a sign of an unhealthy mouth. Similar to our mouths, as bacteria, plaque, and tartar build, your pet’s oral health is compromised. When left untreated, it can lead to more serious dental disease.

Dental hygiene is essential to your pet’s health. Treats and chews to help control tartar aren’t the only things you can do to help your pet’s dental health. Let the team at Petsburgh Pet Care examine your pet’s teeth and gums to help determine if there are any issues. After a brief examination, we may recommend a more detailed examination (requiring sedation), a dental cleaning, or options for at-home dental care.

A dental examination can be done for owners who need an estimate provided before a dental procedure. Included in the plan are dental radiographs. Dental disease is found below the gumline, and dental radiology allows us to evaluate the root and bone structures. There may be teeth that need treatment that we will only know about once those radiographs are performed under anesthesia.

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