Select one bloodwork panel

​Super Chem/ CBC – $132.00 (Chemistry (assess organ function) Complete Blood Count (assess anemia, infection, adequate platelets for clotting) **Required over 7 years old. Cost: $132.00

​Mini Chem/ CBC – $111.00 (Chemistry (assess organ function) Complete Blood Count (assess anemia, infection, adequate platelets for clotting.) **Required under 7 years old Cost: $111.00

Intravenous Catheter and Fluid Therapy : Cost – $26.60 – $71.35 IV Catheter placement ensures venous access to safely administer medications and fluid therapy for supportive care and in emergency situations. Your pet may have a shaved area on their front leg to allow placement.

Please read carefully, complete, initial and sign. Your pet is scheduled for an anesthetic procedure. Anesthetic agents are filtered through the liver and kidneys so it is important to know prior to anesthesia that the organs are functioning correctly. Thorough blood profiles help to verify that your pet is in a low-risk category prior to anesthesia and will help us adjust the pets’ anesthetic protocol as needed. The latest technology has enabled us to run safe and accurate blood chemistries minutes before anesthetic induction. These tests are similar to those your own physician would run when you undergo anesthesia. In addition, the results of these tests will serve as reference values for future use, should your pet become ill. Our veterinarians recommend bloodwork for all pets undergoing sedation and anesthesia.

I hereby authorize and direct the veterinarians of Petsburgh Pet Care to perform the procedures discussed and deemed advisable or necessary for my pet. The nature of the procedure has been explained to me and no guarantee has been made as to the results or cure.

We believe controlling our patients’ pain is important. For that reason, we will administer medication before, during, and/or after your pet’s medical procedure to control pain, reduce discomfort and promote recovery. If indicated, additional pain relief medication will be administered with a corresponding charge.

We will call you when your pet is ready to go home and to discuss at home care.